Tantangara Circuit

The first stop on the circuit is the abandoned gold mining town of Kiandra. The remains of the old courthouse and two cabins are all that’s left after the devastating 2020 bushfires. There is a toilet block available.

The next turn off is at Long Plain. Long Plain is only open from the October long weekend till the June long weekend and features a few stops you can detour off to. The Long Plain hut is a main attraction, with camping grounds provided for campers and horse riders.

Opposite the Long Plain hut turnoff is the Port Phillip fire trail, which will take you to Tantangara Reservoir, if the water level allows, you can cross and head to Currango Homestead, completing the full circuit back to the Snowy Mountains Highway.

The Coonibul hut, ghost gully campgrounds, and Coolamine Homestead are all great places to explore if you can’t cross the reservoir. The Blue Water Holes are a beautiful sight, and the brumbies are often seen in the KNP. Long Plain is only approximately 11km from the Yarrangobilly Caves, so if you have time to spare, it’s worth checking out.

At Long Plain it is very common to see groups of horse riders trekking through the bush and the campgrounds are very horse and rider friendly. Horseback riding is a great way to explore the area and you can often find some great trails to follow. There are also a few campgrounds in the area that cater specifically to horse riders, so it’s a great place to stay if you’re travelling with your horse.