If camping is a little too basic but you don’t want to spend money on cabins or cottages, you can consider a room in a donga.

Dongas are basically a shipping container converted to 3 en-suited rooms.  Keep expectations low and you’ll be exceedingly happy to stay in one.

Each room contains a single bed, ensuite, A/C, bar fridge, and microwave – that’s about it.  There are no separate living areas, kitchen or anything else.  A room, a door, and you’re outside.

If you’re visiting the National Park to spend your day exploring and only want somewhere to sleep then this may be the solution.  “No need for fancy as I’ll be asleep!” I hear you say?  Then this is definitely the solution.

Dongas have so far proven to be popular with anglers and contractors.  Largely untested in the leisure market though.  Come and try one out to see what you think.  At best, you’ll love it, at worst, you can say that you experienced a donga and never want to see one again.